What will I learn?


Aside from getting a local's guide to the Rockies, you'll also be working on all these skills:



-Learn how to use your camera like a boss

-Learn how to set up a landscape shot, as well as how to take stunning lifestyle and travel shots

-How to take beautiful travel photos of yourself if you're travelling solo or don't have anyone to take the photo for you

-The science behind light, and how to use it to make stunning photographs

-An Adobe Lightroom masterclass and for those that have mastered it already, an intro to Adobe Photoshop.

-Depending on the group's interest, we can also cover how to take stunning Astro/ Northern Lights photos and how to take beautiful long exposure photos


Social Media - BONUS *if requested by the group

-Social media secrets (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blogging and more), and all the tools you need to grow

-How we've travelled the world using social media and blogging

-How to work with brands and get work as a photographer/digital influencer

....and a whole lot more!