What should I bring?

Camera equipment

Camera & lenses

Spare SD Cards/external hard drive

spare batteries

Tripod (essential for astro/long exposure photography)

Extra Non-essential camera equipment

Filters (essential for daytime long exposure photography)

Video camera (if different to your regular camera)

Dust blower

Cable release/intervalometer (essential for solo travel photos, timelapses or astrophotography)


Other Electronics & Hardware

-Laptop/ipad & charger for photo editing/notes (beneficial but not essential)

Phone/phone charger

Travel adapter

Adobe editing software (also not essential)




The weather in the Canadian Rockies can change in an instant, and it doesn't take long to get cold (or overheat if you're hiking hard. The key is bringing lots of layers that you can add or remove as your body temperature changes. Stuff-able down jackets always work well.

Rain coat - The summer months in the Rockies are known to get a little wet!

Gloves - cold hands are the worst!

Light hiking pants

Swimsuit & towel - there will be visits to hot springs/opportunities to swim in (freezing) lakes  

Sturdy boots or outdoor shoes you can walk comfortably in the whole day

Hiking or outdoor socks that won't cause blisters

In summary, hiking gear

Casual clothes

Bug spray

Washkit + deoderant

Hiking poles if you have the space!

Wooly hat

Small backpack that can hold camera equipment, snacks and water (ideally 20-30L)

Water bladder or reusable water bottle





For any other equipment related queries, get in touch at hello@robintuck.com